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Bracey Eyes on the Prize II .pdf, id-1OGM 1mb 2013-06-11 
Toplin Ch. 1 Mississippi Burning .pdf, id-qMFU 1mb 2013-06-11 
Rosenstone Chapter 5_JFK .pdf, id-DRUE 242kb 2013-06-06 
Litwack Birth of a Nation_Past Imperfect .pdf, id-yMHc 888kb 2013-06-03 
Toplin JFK_Fact, Fiction, and Supposition_History by Hollywood .pdf, id-1ckU 1mb 2013-06-03 
Rommel_Ruiz 04_Historicizing Triumphs and Tragedies in the American West .pdf, id-0Z1E 159kb 2013-06-03 
Ward Refighting the Civil War .pdf, id-rR2M 1mb 2013-06-03 
Rommel_Ruiz 03_Envisioning and Re .pdf, id-zdEk 159kb 2013-06-03 
Rommel_Ruiz 05_Immigration, the American Dream, and the Problem of the Irish American Experience .pdf, id-ERXc 146kb 2013-06-03 
Rommel_Ruiz 02_Redeeming the South, Redeeming the Nation .pdf, id-sMHc 181kb 2013-06-03 
Rommel_Ruiz 08_"We Are Alive in Hell" .pdf, id-wN0E 496kb 2013-06-03 
Drew Gilpin Faust Telling War Stories_New Republic .pdf, id-ScWM 711kb 2013-06-03 
Karnow JFK_Past Imperfect .pdf, id-wUlk 363kb 2013-06-03 
Chafe Mississippi Burning_Past Imperfect .pdf, id-ta1E 375kb 2013-06-03 
Toplin Mississippi Burning Scorches Historians .pdf, id-jYzg 97kb 2013-06-03 
Rommel_Ruiz 01_Exorcising the Demons Within .pdf, id-mMVU 178kb 2013-06-03 
Litwack The Historian, the Filmmaker, and the Civil War .pdf, id-RTHM 4mb 2013-06-03 
Rommel_Ruiz 06_The European American and Mexican American Immigration Experience .pdf, id-FOTA 213kb 2013-06-03 
Rommel_Ruiz 07_Beyond Dallas .pdf, id-CMFE 180kb 2013-06-03 
Rommel_Ruiz 00_Introduction .pdf, id-ZLWc 625kb 2013-06-03 
Serwer In Defense of Django_Mother Jones .pdf, id-pUlU 399kb 2013-05-31 
Kantrowitz Django Unchained's White Abolitionist Vision_HNN .pdf, id-0QUE 525kb 2013-05-31 
Denby Django Unchained Reviewed_ Tarantino's Crap Masterpiece_The New Yorker .pdf, id-2V0E 409kb 2013-05-31 
Scott r6_Steven Spielberg's Slavery Obsession Is Bigger Than 'Lincoln'_The Atlantic .pdf, id-jRGc 643kb 2013-05-28 
Foner and Breitbart Letters on Brooks Column_NYTimes .pdf, id-JMTg 143kb 2013-05-28 
Horwitz r4_'Lincoln' Would Have Been Better if It Had Told More of Lincoln's Story_The Atlantic .pdf, id-kcTA 522kb 2013-05-28 
Coates r5_Does 'Lincoln' Mean Hollywood Is Finally Catching Up With History_The Atlantic .pdf, id-QWHM 550kb 2013-05-28 
Douthat Spielberg's Lincoln and Its Critics_NYTimes .pdf, id-SQTg 152kb 2013-05-28 
Masur A Filmmaker's Imagination, and a Historian's_Chronicle of Higher Education .pdf, id-HbDA 705kb 2013-05-28 
Goodwin On Life, Death and the Presidency_Washington Post .pdf, id-0Z1U 795kb 2013-05-28 
Keefe Sen Mark Kirk Reverses Stance on Gay Marriage_WBEZ .pdf, id-PbnM 622kb 2013-05-28 
Reed Black Audiences, White Stars and 'Django Unchained'_WSJ .pdf, id-VWFU 583kb 2013-05-28 
Masur In Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln,’ Passive Black Characters_NYTimes .pdf, id-hLTQ 167kb 2013-05-28 
Bigelow Rethinkin’ Lincoln on the 150th Birthday of the Emancipation Proclamation_Zinn Education Project .pdf, id-TNjA 1mb 2013-05-28 
Brooks Why We Love Politics_NYT .pdf, id-xb0E 199kb 2013-05-28 
Masur r3_Is 'Lincoln' Liberal_ Depends on What You Mean by 'Liberal'_The Atlantic .pdf, id-xaWc 469kb 2013-05-28 
Masur r8_For All Its Strengths, 'Lincoln' Is Still a Comforting Fantasy_The Atlantic .pdf, id-MRHM 457kb 2013-05-28 
Ellis How Black Power Won the American West, and Why Tarantino Doesn't Get It .pdf, id-0Sjg 170kb 2013-05-28 
Wilentz Lincoln in Hollywood, from Griffith to Spielberg_The New Republic .pdf, id-sa00 333kb 2013-05-28 
Masur and Kenan How Historically Accurate is Spielbergs Lincoln_HNN.html .html, id-hTTA 15kb 2013-05-28 
Horwitz r7_'Lincoln'_ Does Knowing the Ending Blur Our Understanding of the Story_The Atlantic .pdf, id-Ma2M 559kb 2013-05-28 
Scott r2_The Underrated Radicalism of 'Lincoln'_The Atlantic .pdf, id-0ZVk 416kb 2013-05-28 
Lincoln Roundtable Cover_see r1_r8_The_Atlantic.pdf .pdf, id-fVDA 321kb 2013-05-28 
Courtney Joe Courtney to Steven Spielberg .pdf, id-LLWM 622kb 2013-05-28 
Kushner Lincolns Political Battles_The_Nation.html .html, id-ZSzg 16kb 2013-05-28 
Coates r1_Why Aren't More Liberals Defending 'Lincoln'_The Atlantic .pdf, id-tVDA 544kb 2013-05-28 
Wiener The Trouble With Steven Spielberg’s 'Lincoln'_The Nation .pdf, id-2Mlk 441kb 2013-05-28 
Cobb How Accurate Is Quentin Tarantino's Portrayal of Slavery in Django Unchained_ _ The New Yorker .pdf, id-FU0k 512kb 2013-05-28 
Farley Tony Kushner Fires Back at Congressman's 'Lincoln' Criticism_Update_WSJ .pdf, id-nYlk 295kb 2013-05-28 
Ball An American Tragedy .pdf, id-rZnc 109kb 2013-05-23 
Burns A Conflict's Acoustic Shadows .pdf, id-zMzA 114kb 2013-05-23 
Goodwin Team of Rivals v2 .pdf, id-Bc0E 6mb 2013-05-23 
Goodwin Team of Rivals .pdf, id-0Qjg 6mb 2013-05-23 
McPherson Glory .pdf, id-wQzg 1mb 2013-05-23 
Rosenstone Ch 1 and 2 .pdf, id-6LVE 11mb 2013-05-22 
Rosenstone Visions of the Past (Intro) .pdf, id-XYjA 2mb 2013-05-21 
Toplin The Civil War as an Interpretation of History .pdf, id-Fd3M 6mb 2013-05-21 
Toplin Preface .pdf, id-TbFk 6mb 2013-05-21 
Johnston Syllabus HIST 281 Summer 2013 .pdf, id-RS1k 217kb 2013-05-21 
Woodward Help from Historians .pdf, id-QZFE 3mb 2013-05-21 
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